Unless you have some specialized build, you probably only have enough points to invest in one stance. You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds 2. There should be enough points for at least two elements. PP is your attacking resource. Here are some details about some of the key skills. That said if you want to focus on soaring blades, just fill out the soaring blade related skills in your tree first. It offers one of the highest Passive Damage bonuses and a very reliable defensive mechanics via Iron Will and Stalwart Spirit. Look for the ones that go nicely together. Choose "Empty Cache and Hard Reload." Always plan out your skill tree using a simulator like this one http://arks-layer.com/skillsim/skillcalc.php. Summoner (Warning: I don’t care about Summoner), http://arks-layer.com/skillsim/skillcalc.php. What is this CO SP that's giving me an extra 10? There are four types of Units currently in-game: Rear Unit, Arm Unit, Leg Unit, and Sub Unit. This is up to date, but it's for the JP servers, so not sure how helpful it'll be. PSO2 is overwhelming, until you get quests from Afin . Anything related to Katana gear is worth getting. I call skills that make life a little easier “utility skills”. Definitely get… Please ask on the PSO2 Discord if you are unsure why something is the way it is. That being said: please critique the build in its entirety if possible Their skill tree is pretty straightforward as long as you remember that the stat deficit from not taking the skill tree buffs can be offset by optimal gear. Plan out your skill tree and do a little research. These will really help you get PP (if you get Tactics Trap) and group up enemies so that you can have an easier time hitting them. Flat stats are less valuable than percentages. All builds are listed using the interactive skill simulator provided by Gardios ... PSO2 Info - Ship 2 ID - SociableT Character - Myria (FoTenewearl 46/26) View "The Official Build Thread 2.0" for info on classes, skill trees and character build advice! In PSO2, weapons have a damage range. 1. Ranger Skills First off, you should put a point into Stun Grenade and Gravity Bomb. Pso2 katana build Pso2 katana build The Cosmogenic Arms (Japanese: 創世器, "Genesis Weapon") are a series of legendary weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2 es. The critical skill sounds nice however like others have mentioned, critical hits just make you hit the max damage possible in a hit. pso2 alliance tree guide, This is the Steam group for "Sanctuary" and "The Zouryx Empire" -- a cross-game, multi-platform alliance of gamers that has dedicated itself to providing a fun, social environment and safe haven for ALL players, regardless of experience or personal background. Hunter doesn't … Today, Gunner builds focus mostly around Twin Machinegun use. Phantom Skill Tree: [Skill Sim](I made this Phantom Tree in Arks Layer but every build ive seen in guides/from JP has a lot of points in the PP Up skill. For example for Fighter, if you have both Brave Stance will be on by default if you have it while Wise Stance has to be toggled on to go out of Brave into Wise. 4. This resource bar gives you attack and other bonuses depending on the weapon. When paired with Fighter, Gunner has the highest damage output in PSO2. A bunch of them don't even cost points, only levels. Gear gauges are important! Firefox: Press Ctrl + Shift + Del. What's the difference between the gold and silver arrows? How do I find/get these other classes like Fighter, Gunner and Techer? And as always avoid HP, PP, Def up skills PSO2 Skill Simulator. Critical hits only let you hit the maximum range. Unless you have something that boosts critical damage (like Fighter’s Critical Strike, Phantom’s Critical Stream, a critical strike ring, or a weapon potential that relies on critical damage), put points into critical skills last. For example, sword gear increases by hitting enemies with attacks. Almost every class has a stance. However, 13* damage variance is so small the dps boost from it would be very little. Type 0 PAs also do not exist in NA. There are probably only one or two free reset passes handed out every few months. Why? We support both versions of PSO2 - JP and NA! This Alliance updates their stuff a lot and know a lot of the really efficient tricks, but besides that you can just look at the skill trees they have, and maybe equipment, the Photon Art / Tech pictures for rotations etc.. Feel free to play them (as you should play what you like), but they will not do as much damage as other classes. Nova Strike charges faster, gains more damage, and hits a lot more times if the gear gauge is full. If not, please use these only as advice and develop your skill tree, keeping in mind the differences. Gear is a bar that you charge up by various ways depending on the weapon. Focus on the skills that give PP regeneration after you have your damage skills. For the builds on this site, the example builds only have what I think are the most important skills to have if you focus on a weapon. What are these skills & how do I gain more points? Once upon a time, Gunner was a highly compatible class, able to give any weapon massive burst damage. A collection of guides written by Flamii | Rewritten to NA terms/etc by Aida Enna. Unless it is T-Atk High, only put enough points into attack up skills for the next skill in the tree. General Information and playstyle When it comes to gameplay, Fighter is your typical close range Melee fighter which relies on deadly Crits and devastating Attack and Photon Arts combinations. 2. Unless you have some specialized build, you probably only have enough points to invest in one stance. You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds . 3. Global Discussion. Bouncer has enough SP to get both soaring blades and jet boots stuff, and is most efficient when you use both weapons. Also, what kind of skills here would you personally suggest? Keeping the above in mind, here is the link to the JP Class Builds:https://arks-layer.com/classbuilds. Is there something im planning wrong? Here’s a few sample builds for using guns with Gunner. Skill Tree Builds - Tradicionales y Referenciales ... Hunter/Force o Hunter/Techer lamentablemente en PSO2 son incompatibles en cuanto a sus skills. Thanks to this combination, our Force/Techter build performs very well as a Technique Damage dealer in both party and solo play, which makes it very enjoyable and flexible. The main part of the guide does also give a good run-down of what skills … In general, Hunter is the most popular sub-class for most of the builds so it's no surprise we recommend picking it up for this beginner/starter build. Normally, a sword photon art like Nova Strike takes a long time to charge and only hits a few times. You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds 2. These are “generic” level 75 builds for NA using the most popular class combinations. Most of the action and style specific skills I think will be better in a gameplay explanation instead of here,… Units are Equipment used by the Player primarily to increase defensive stats such as S-DEF, R-DEF, T-DEF, etc., although certain Units do have inherent offensive stats in them. Compound Techs don’t exist either. Contained herein will be stat comparisons between races and genders, mag raising, class descriptions, and skill point allocation. Plan out your tree. Skill Builds The PSO2 skill tree isn’t too complicated. Always plan out your skill tree using a simulator like this one http://arks-layer.com/skillsim/skillcalc.php. For example, if you have a weapon that hits 5-10 damage, a critical hit will always be a 10. The best sub-classes for Gunner are Fighter or Hunter. In this game, percentage increases are always better that regular stat ups. The PSO2 skill tree isn’t too complicated. Chrome: Press F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I to open the developer tools. Hero has a lot of points, and not that many skills to spread them around to. I'll give general tips on what you should be getting first while leveling and my own view on how to spend the extra points. If you are saving builds locally, make sure you do not delete your cookies by deselecting that option. The same place I find builds for JP should honestly be fine. PSO2 Fleet Discord Guild Skill Trees - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C0M7it7m2g2GXjynWaud9wNh9IRDMquwX_9UT34UFSQ/htmlview?sle=true Twitch … Clear your browser cache. Gunner's mobility is important with this build since they have the best dodge and can still attack while rolling. Note: Draft, might add some details of certain skills. The next thing you should do is max out Weak Bullet so that you will have your 6 bullets. A. Right-click the refresh button next to the address bar. You can easily mess it up if you don’t know what you are doing though. More PP means more attacks! I was able to level my bouncer to 75 using only soaring blades without any issues. General Information and playstyle The Summoner has the ability to … Here we go over the most important key features I think one should know about in the Ranger's Skill Tree in PSO2. Just one or two early points into these can make your leveling a lot easier. The best way to choose what skills to get is to get some damaging skills for the weapon you want, Element Conversion, Charge PP Revival, then choose one element to get all the mastery skills for it. Pso2 Braver Build - As Gunner aim for the skill "S Roll JA Bonus" before anything else, should be able to get it max by class level 9 for Gunner. So if you hit 50-70dmg per attack it would guarantee the 70. Name Stat +1 +10 +16 +17 Charge Obtain List Description Video Zan ザン Power Accuracy PP Status 365 100 18 18 401 100 18 20 425 100 18 20 429 100 18 20 1.00 sec. An example is Ranger’s Gravity Bomb which has the ability to pull groups of enemies into a small space for easier hitting. General Information and playstyle Ranger is a versatile mid-to-long range damage dealer who excels at both single-target and AoE damage-dealing - depending on his chosen weapon. You can easily mess it up if you don’t know what you are doing though. Put a little points into these and finish them off later on. In addition to this, pairing up or having a set of a Unit and/or Weapon Series can give additional stats called Set Bonus. After eight years of updates, PSO2 has become a sprawling, unruly MMO with dozens of complicated progression systems, items, and … Focus on percent related increases and only dump extra points into these. 5. I’ll also put in a build I would use personally if you want to compare. Home of the PSO2 Tweaker, English patches, Tools, Simulators, Guides, and much more! Though there is an NA section near the bottom which has skill tree suggestions for both Rod only or Talis/Rod build. Here are some tips for choosing what to put your points into. Force Skills Well, the Force tree is a little flexible. Some people estimate 1% S-Atk is the same as about 20 (more like 40-50 now) S-Atk, which costs a lot more points. Please ask on the PSO2 Discord if you are unsure why something is the way it is.. Hunter/Fighter – https://bit.ly/2WQrayz Fighter/Hunter – https://bit.ly/2WRkQqy Ranger/Hunter – https://bit.ly/2QUinHV Gunner/Hunter – https://bit.ly/2WPgkJ5 Force/Techter – https://bit.ly/2UnsaIM The other points are for you to decide. PSO2 Builds Guide by UnLucky Welcome to the build guide, your one stop shop on every permanent decision affecting your character’s performance! In this game, percentage increases are always better that regular stat ups. There’s not really a “best” build for everything. Make sure to try it on the skillsim (http://arks-layer.com/skillsim/) first so you don’t need to waste real money resetting! Mar 22, 2014, 05:23 PM #2. Just adjust stuff to your play-style using the guidelines up there. Techter's skills also increase the build's group support potential. The forward roll is a lot more fluid than the side and backwards rolls. What are these MAG parameters? Not all skill points are spent, because after taking the important skills, the last few points are really down to personal preference. You have better things to put points in first. Flat PP Up skills should generally be left last because they’re normally just 1 PP per level. Stances give percent damage bonuses. You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds 2. Luster's skill tree is very straightforward. Some suggestions on how you can go about spending your 5 new skill points with the new level 80 level cap that's coming with PSO2 NA's Episode 4 release. Braver/Hunter (Katana)- https://bit.ly/2QU9zSn, Braver/Hunter (Bow Hybrid) – https://bit.ly/2QOajZl, Braver/Ranger (Pure Bow) – https://bit.ly/3bAcFD8, Braver/Summoner (Pure Bow) – https://bit.ly/3bAcFD8, Summoner/Fighter – https://bit.ly/2w0uFra. Stances give percent damage bonuses. The PSO2 skill tree isn’t too complicated. Using their specialized weapon, the Wand, the Techer is able to approach the front lines of the battlefield and use Technique-augmented Striking attacks to cut down waves of foes all at once. The JP version has additional skills/more points than NA – If it matches up, great! I dont want to go in with the wrong mindset. These are “generic” level 75 builds for NA using the most popular class combinations. You can have one main class and one sub class stance at the same time. The Techer (テクター, "Te") class is a specialized Tech class that focuses on supporting allies and blending Tech and melee combat. Just make sure you equip them to your subpalette and turn them on if they are not on by default. Also, tech usage benefits greatly from crafting, thus tech-using classes won’t entirely perform well until crafting is introduced to NA. You can easily mess it up if you don’t know what you are doing though.